We believe that physicians have the potential to transform healthcare by becoming successful entrepreneurs, and we are committed to equipping them with the knowledge, skills, and mindset to achieve this goal.


We envision a healthcare ecosystem where innovation, patient-centered care, and sustainable businesses converge, and we are dedicated to fostering this vision by empowering physicians to establish thriving private practices and medical spas.


Our mission is to unlock the entrepreneurial potential of physicians, helping them thrive in the evolving healthcare landscape and ultimately transforming their medical careers into dynamic, fulfilling, and prosperous journeys.


Dr. Niki Patel


I'm Dr. Niki Patel, a Board Certified Internal Medical Physician with additional certification in Aesthetic Medicine. For the past seven years, I've been at the helm of a bustling primary care practice. My journey began at the Medical College of Baroda in India, followed by residency at Mercer University in Macon, Georgia.

In my early academic years, I held leadership positions, serving as the General Secretary of the Baroda Medical Student Association during medical school and later as the Chief Resident of the Internal Medicine Residency Program during my time at Mercer. Before establishing myself as a primary care physician, I served as a hospitalist and even took on the role of Medical Director of Hospitalist Services at Dodge County Hospital.

After years of working within established structures, I took the bold step of opening my own practice. It was during this time that I was fortunate to have my father-in-law as my mentor. With over 30 years of experience, he guided me through the complex challenges of entrepreneurship, imparting invaluable knowledge for running a successful medical practice.

My Mission and Journey


Even while managing a demanding primary care practice, I continued to invest my time in mentoring residents and hospitalists. In these interactions, I often received inquiries about starting and growing a practice. It became apparent that there was no straightforward answer to this question, given the multifaceted nature of practice management and business profitability.

As my years in private practice progressed, my passion to assist fellow physicians in building thriving businesses deepened. My mission was clear: to empower them to achieve higher incomes, work more efficiently, and leave a more substantial impact in their respective fields.

I understand the challenges of being a physician, the burnout, and the frustrations of working for someone else. I empathize with those struggles and recognize that most doctors aspire to attain greater success in their professional and personal lives, just as I did.

The path to establishing and running a business differs greatly from the traditional route of medical education and working under the umbrella of an organization. It demands a unique set of skills, a distinct mindset, and unwavering focus. I learned this firsthand when I ventured into the world of independent practice.

While the initial hurdles and setbacks were undeniable, they only fueled my determination to acquire the business acumen required for success, much like how I had acquired the medical expertise that defined my career. Leveraging my innate ability to learn and adapt, I embarked on a transformative journey of continuous growth and discovery.